By Rhonda Yearwood

As a bride it can get frustrating when family becomes overly opinionated about their wedding. As a wedding planner it is your job to diffuse some of the stress that comes with involving the family. Here are some helpful tips on how to make the bride and groom’s family feel appreciated during the process.

To keep the mother of the bride and groom from feeling left out of the planning process you can give them the tasks of planning the bridal luncheon, the rehearsal dinner or spa day for your bridesmaids. These small events are important and will make the mothers feel like an essential part of the planning process. If the sister of the bride is the maid of honor, then give her the tasks of the bridal shower, bachelorette party or party favor assembly. Putting together gift baskets is another task that the women in the family love to put together.

Usually, the fathers of the bride and groom are responsible for writing the checks for the wedding. They are normally not involved in the bridal activities, nor do they want to. An alternative for them would be to find local activities for the guests when they come in to town, as well as bonding activities for the groomsmen. Outdoor activities like hiking, rafting, skeet shooting and fishing are wonderful ideas for the men to do together.

The fathers can also assist with negotiating for the hotel accommodations and transportation for the day of the wedding. You would even be surprised at how many of them would love to participate in the food tasting. Especially, if the father is the one that will be taking care of the bill. Whatever the family members are asked to do just make sure that it is something that they will enjoy doing and be sure that the married couple to be shows their appreciation for the effort!

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